In a geometric fusion of brilliance and mystery, The Eclipse Collection brings together two impeccable marbles for the perfect union. Featuring a total of eight individual pieces, each of the four unique designs in the Eclipse Collection comes in two complementary variations--Luna, and Sol--to allow a wide range of mix-and-match options.


Dazzling Italian Carrara in white is offset by dark and moody Spanish Nero Marquina, in this radiant collection which pays homage to the movement and rhythm, light and shadow of our closest celestial neighbours. Designed to make a statement all on their own, or impeccably paired with any of our other items, these exclusive pieces are the new must-have for serious home curators.


At 1cm thick, Each piece is suitable for laying down as a base for other décor, or leaning upright supported by other items in your vignette. Either way, Eclipse is a collection of supremely practical and beautiful items for the kitchen, dining, lounge, bedroom and bathroom areas.

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