My design journey thus far isn’t a typical one. Following the completion of my Social Science degree, I embarked on finding my vocational passion. I would often ask myself whilst studying, what would really and truly get me out of bed each morning for the rest of my adult life? The answer to that question was an industry that I would find aesthetically pleasing, creatively challenging, and hands-on. I have worked in Sales & Sales Management, Visual merchandising, Styling and Project Management within the design industries in Melbourne and London.

After studying Interior Design whilst living in London some time ago, I returned home full of perspective, hopes and dreams that one day I would get the opportunity to own my own business. This dream came to light four months into my maternity leave period when we decided to take on B E H R & C O. The idea of investing my passion, industry knowledge and creative flare meant that I could leverage off the existing structures in place, whilst putting my own mark on the brand.

Here at B E H R & C O. I endeavour to design and create products made from natural materials. I appreciate the perfect imperfections characterised from materials such as metal & marble. Our selection of materials is constantly expanding as we discover the raw beauty in new materials that have the ability to translate into functional, design-led wares for the home. I love the fact that natural materials take on their own life, and in time may show some signs of graceful ageing. You will find that as the various layers are revealed, your products will take on a new look and feel. 

We consider our Brass one of the leading metallic finishes in the current Home Decor market. It is a solid, hand-spun, brushed finish with the most perfect tone of golden goodness. It has a subtle sheen and shows no sign of having a yellow or orange appearance.

We are very fortunate to have dedicated and skilled artisans in India who craft our entire metal range by hand. Their passion and attention to detail is next to none. Together, we are always raising the bar on high quality, functional and cutting-edge designs.

Thank you for joining us on our design journey.

Lou X