M A R B L E 

The ultimate in unique home decor, our natural marble items are as individual as you are. Each piece is beautifully veined and patterned, with a honed finish and hand polished edges to truly showcase the elegance, simplicity and purity of this product.

We feature Italian Carrara, Nero Marquina, and Rossa marbles in a variety of classic shapes and sizes, so there is sure to be something to suit any taste or personality. Decorative yet practical, these products will coordinate seamlessly into any décor, for a wide range of uses.

Product care & information: As marble is a natural stone, each piece will feature a different variation in vein and pattern, and colour may vary slightly. This is all part of the pure beauty of your marble piece, and we hope you will enjoy each of our B E H R & C O pieces for many years to come.

To ensure your marble items last a lifetime, ensure that surfaces are not left wet, or submerged in water, or cleaned with abrasives. Be aware that foods containing oils, acids and strong pigments can cause some slight marking or discolouration. Always handle your marble with care to avoid breakage.

Italian Carrara: White Stone with a subtle smoke vein

Spanish Nero Marquina: Striking black stone with a white vein

Italian Rossa: Peach with a soft Tea-rose vein


M E R I N O  W O O L

Merino wool is a fine and delicate material. The cloud-like softness of our beautifully knitted Frost throws do require some extra love and attention, but don't worry it will be worth all the goodness for many years to come. See below on how to maintain the longevity of your blanket.

Product care & information: Some shedding and pilling will occur naturally particularly with heavier use. With this in mind, should there be a part that has pilled, pull it away with your fingers in the direction of the wool. 

Blankets will inevitably attract dust, lint and pet hair. Instead of using your fingers to pick these off, rather shake your blanket vigorously to remove the above.

Should you get a stain on your blanket whether it be coffee or wine, you must remove it sooner rather than later. The longer the stain remains on your blanket, the more chance of it settling into the fibres of the wool. Run the spillage area under cold water and apply two towels either side of the blanket and gently squeeze to absorb the excess water. Lay flat to air dry, flipping periodically until it dries completely. Never wash a merino woollen blanket in the washing machine as water, heat and friction can cause the blanket to lose its ultimate softness.



Product care & information: Our beautifully soft, 100% cotton Amelia throws are not difficult to care for as they can be laundered at home using the gentle cycle of your washer and dried on medium heat. Just be sure to use a mild detergent with no bleaches or brighteners. If your throw or blanket is not soiled, you can simply hang it outdoors briefly to freshen up.

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