CIRCLE COASTERS | Black Nickel | Set of 4


Black Nickel | Hand crafted | Fully felted on the underside

A modern & classic geometric design made from a high quality stainless steel base, these sleek and incredibly functional coasters can be used in all rooms of the home or office. They will be sure to impress your guests on so many levels.

Product info:

  • Stainless steel, black nickel finish
  • 10.8cm dia x 2mm thick
  • Fully felted on the underside to protect your table surfaces

Care instructions: 

  • Avoid prolonged contact with liquids. If the surface does get wet, wipe immediately with a clean, soft cloth
  • Avoid making contact with dirty, oily fingers
  • Do not apply any harsh abrasive cleaning agents

Customer Reviews

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Damian Marjanovic

I really like these coasters. The fine felt on the back of them really adds a sophisticated touch, something that you may find in a hotel lobby. The black nickel on the top side adds a very stylish touch and finish that blends in very nicely with the overall look of the coaster.

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