GEO NAPKIN HOLDER | Black Nickel & Grey Tundra


Stainless Steel | Black Nickel Plated | Hand crafted | Grey Tundra Marble

Introducing the GEO Napkin holder. A classy and sophisticated way of showcasing your finest linen napery or paper napkins on your perfectly arranged table setting. It can also be used to hold clutches, mail, books or whatever your imagination desires. The stone piece is loose, and can be lifted out from underneath in order to be wiped down if needed.

Product info:

  • Frame: Stainless Steel, black nickel plated
  • Marble: Honed Turkish Tundra
  • W16.5cm x D5.5cm x H10cm (approx)
  • Each metal frame is hand-crafted, therefore slight variances in finish and sizing may occur.
  • NB: Natural stones (like Tundra) often contain traces of iron, which may oxidise when they come in contact with water either through rain or cleaning. The result of this oxidation is that the stone develops rust and discolouration.

Care instructions: 

  • Avoid prolonged contact with liquids. If the surface does get wet, dry immediately with a clean, soft cloth

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