Pink Hope caught my attention following a recent scare myself. After an anxious wait from an Ultrasound and 2 Biopsies, the outcome thankfully delivered a benign result. The lumps were a combination of complex cysts and fibroadenomas (benign tumors). Both of which were somewhat difficult to assess through an ultrasound due to my dense breast tissue.

 The moment I discovered the lump, I wasn't prepared to take any risks as my Mother was actually diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2003 (aged 49) and then again in 2010 in the same breast where the mastectomy was originally performed. An unusual and unlucky occurrence. No lump was discovered the first time. Instead it was her own Mother who encouraged her to have a Mammogram, even though she was advised to have one at 50. The second time around, Mum did discovered a 'pea' like lump after diligently checking her breasts on a regular basis. And so the process began all over again, only this time with more drastic Chemotherapy as well as Radiation, despite the early diagnosis. Chemotherapy always terrified me as I would often think to myself...'how is her body & organs going to handle this harsh chemical'? Mum would often reassure us by saying Chemotherapy is like 'liquid gold running through my veins.' Her positive mindset and ability to light up the Chemo rooms with her bright red lipstick, and wig she named 'Andy' (short for her name Andrina) meant that we were also able to remain strong and supportive alongside her. 

Those were times in my life that I'd rather forget, but at the same token have provided me with a certain level of awareness and diligence (both of which are key in prevention and early diagnosis). Regular breast checks for me, is like doing my weekly grocery shop. We need to eat to survive, just like we need to be diligent with our health before it's too late. I encourage all men & women to be aware of their bodies and to develop the same could save more lives! 

Days later following the outcome of my scare, I stumbled by a Pink Hope billboard and immediately thought to myself that I needed to be a part of this organisation in some way, shape or form. After going though mum's BC experiences, I wanted to give back to the community in support of Breast Cancer awareness, hope and survival. I decided to get in touch with Pink Hope and openly shared my story. I was completely humbled by Hannah and Krystal's warmth and willingness to want to  partner with Behr & Co.

It gives us so much pleasure to be able to support the Pink Hope Charity by donating 10% OF ALL "BLUSH" RETAIL SALES on the products featured via the link below. We look forward to supporting Pink Hope in anyway possible, and will continue to raise awareness through the promotion of our "Blush" coloured homewares.

We encourage you to read up on this wonderful support community right here: